Tray Application


Right click on the Ad-Aware Tray Application in the system tray (the bottom right menu beside the clock).

Double-clicking on the Tray Application gives you fast access to Ad-Aware’s main user interface. It also includes the options shown below.


Open Ad-Aware

Opens the Ad-Aware program.


Open ThreatWork

Gives you direct access to submit suspicious files for analysis via ThreatWork.


Disable/Enable Ad-Watch Live!

Disables/Enables Ad-Watch Live! real-time protection. This temporally disables Ad-Watch Live!

To fully disable Ad-Watch Live!, please go to the Ad-Watch Live! settings.


Run Scan

From the sub-menu, you can choose to run a Smart, Full or Profile scan.


Run Update

Downloads and installs any available updates.


Exit Ad-Aware

Exits the Ad-Aware program completely.


Tray Application