Configure the updates settings for the software & Definitions File, information updates, Threatwork and proxy settings.


Ad Aware 25settings Updates


Update Settings


Important: Absolutely no confidential information will be collected that could identify you, your location, or anything else that might compromise your privacy while performing an update. Please visit our website for more information regarding Lavasoft’s Privacy Policy.


Software and Definitions File Updates

You can adjust the software to automatically download and install Definitions File and software updates.

When a new update is available, it will automatically be downloaded to your computer.

You can also save the Definitions File to a specific location on you computer by clicking the “Import” button.


Information Updates

You can adjust the information updates to keep informed and updated about Lavasoft (company information, industry news, etc.) This is automatically displayed in the main status window.


ThreatWork Settings

You can configure ThreatWork to automatically submit suspicious files silently (meaning you do not see the ThreatWork window), or to open the ThreatWork window when sending files. You can also turn this setting off.

We do, however, recommend that you have this option turned on to submit your suspicious files and become a valuable contributor to Lavasoft ThreatWork


Proxy Settings

If you are operating behind a proxy server, you will need to have your proxy server settings correctly configured in order to perform updates.

Click the “Proxy Settings” button to configure the proxy server settings.


Ad Aware 27proxyconfig Updates


To Enable tick the box beside “Enable Proxy”, enter your proxy server address (in the format, proxyaddress:portnumber ), your username and password and click ‘Ok’.

To Disable untick the “Enable Proxy” box and click “Ok”.



Click “Ok” to apply any changes made.


Click “Cancel” to cancel any changes made and to close the settings window.