Ad-Watch Live


Configure the Ad-Watch Live! settings.


Ad Aware 29ad watchsettings Ad Watch Live



Ad-Watch Live! modules: Choose which Ad-Watch Live! modules to have on or off.


Detection Layers

Spyware Heuristics: Files are analyzed with behavior-based detection. A method of detecting unknown malware using systems of rules and patterns.

Anti-virus engine: Check this box to use Ad-Aware’s extended anti-virus scanner.

If you choose to scan using behavior-based detection, select the level to be used.


Alerts & Notifications

Choose how you want to be notified about Ad-Watch Live! events.


Display information messages: All information messages are displayed in the tray icon.

Do not notify me, automatically handle all detected events: Events are automatically handled and no Ad-Watch notification will appear in the system tray.


Click “Ok” to apply any changes made.


Click “Cancel” to cancel any changes made and to close the settings window.


Ad-Watch Live