Click “Scheduler” in the sub-menu to open the Scheduler. The Scheduler allows you to set up automated scans of your computer at set times on specific dates.


Ad Aware 10scheduler Scheduler


Scheduling Scans

Choose which scheduled scan to use/edit from the list or click “+” to add a new scheduled scan.

Type in the name for the scheduled scan and click “Ok”.

To delete a scheduled scan, click “x“.


1. What: Select which scan mode to use: Smart, Full or Profile. If you select a Profile scan, choose the Profile scan name from the drop-down menu.
2. When: Select the frequency of the scan: once, daily, weekly, monthly or at Windows startup. Select the date and start time of the scan.
3. How: Select whether the cleaning method is manual or automatic. If set to manual, when the scan is completed the scan results screen will be displayed, allowing you to manually choose the required action for each detected object. If set to automatic, when the scan is completed, the selected action to use: “Use recommended action” or “Remove detected objects”, is applied to the detected objects.



Click “Save” to save the new scheduled scan.