Scan Summary


The Scan Summary screen shows information about the scan that you performed and the number of objects that were scanned, removed, repaired, left on the system, added to the ignore list, and quarantined. The “Outcome of Cleaning” is also shown.


Outcome of Cleaning

Successful: The specified action applied to this object was successful.

Reboot Required: If it is necessary to restart your computer to remove a file, Ad-Aware will request that the files be removed during the next system restart. Ad-Aware will instruct Windows to remove these files at start-up.

Clean Failed: The cleaning action failed. If this occurs we recommend that you run a full system scan in Windows safe mode.


Ad Aware 9scansummary Scan Summary


The scan log file is a detailed information log about the scan. It contains valuable information when troubleshooting errors.

Click on the “Export Scan Report” to open the scan log file as a text file, which you can save on your PC.



Scan Summary