Ignore List


Click “Ignore List” in the sub-menu to open the Ad-Aware Ignore List.


The Ignore List can be used when you want to keep a particular detected item installed on your system, and do not want Ad-Aware to delete it. When you add items to the Ignore List, Ad-Aware will not detect them when your system is scanned.


The Ignore List lists types of objects together by family, infection type and TAI rating.


Remove Objects from Ignore List

After accessing the Ignore List, select the object or objects you would like to remove from the Ignore List by selecting the “Remove” option in the Action drop-down menu. When you click “Process Infections,” the object/objects will be removed from the Ignore List, and Ad-Aware will detect these items in the next scan.


Do Nothing

No action is applied – leave objects in the Ignore List.


Click “Perform Actions Now” to apply the specified actions to the infections in the list.


Ad Aware 12ignorelist Ignore List




Ignore List