AutoStart Manager (Pro)


The AutoStart Manager is a powerful tool that lets you choose what programs and services are allowed to start automatically when Windows loads.


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Using AutoStart Manager

When the AutoStart Manager is launched, it shows you a list of all the running services in the services tab.

In the Applications tab, you can see a list of all the running services/processes on your system that start automatically.



The services and Autorun windows list information by:

Service: Lists the file name of the service running on your system.
Signed: Shows if the service is signed or not. A signed service has a digital signature added by its manufacturer.
Manufacturer: Shows the manufacturer that has created this service.
CPU: Shows the CPU usage of that service.
Memory: Shows the amount of memory used by the process.



AutoStart Manager Context Menu

Right-clicking on the AutoStart Manager window opens the context menu, showing the operations you can perform on any given service.


You can choose from the following operations:

Disable: Disables the selected service.
Info: Opens a new window showing the process/service properties.
Search: Brings you directly to a Google search to access more information about the selected service.



AutoStart Manager