Registry Rules (Plus, Pro)


Ad Aware 16registryrules Registry Rules


Every application that tries to change a registry area will be shown in this list.


Ad-Watch Live! Registry protection allows you to protect the following areas of your registry:


Startup Settings: Applications that are configured to start automatically.
Windows File Associations: Where Windows recognizes the file name extension and opens the file in the program that is associated with that file name extension. (For example: to associate “.psd” with Photoshop, or “html” with your browser of choice).
Browser Helper Objects: A program or plug-in that loads each time the Microsoft Internet Explorer Web browser is launched.
Windows Security Restrictions and Policies: Provides administrators with a way to identify and control the ability of particular software to run on a computer.
Internet Browser Settings: Your Internet browser stores settings in the registry that contain information on your default home page and default search page, as well as other user settings that control the browser’s behavior. These settings are common targets for browser hijackers.
Interception of Internet Traffic: This occurs when information sent from your PC is intercepted by someone other than the intended recipient.



For every application that is trying to change the registry area, there are three different ‘Access Rights’ actions. Use the drop-down menu to change the action.


Inform: The application is trying to change the registry area. An Ad-Watch notification will appear allowing you to allow or block this change.

Block: The application is always blocked from changing the registry area and no Ad-Watch notification will appear.

Allow: The application is always allowed to change the registry area and no Ad-Watch notification will appear. Warning! Only use this action if you are sure that the process is safe.



Click “Save” to apply changed actions to the processes in the list.


Registry Rules