Ad-Watch Live


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Ad-Watch Live! provides three levels of protection for your PC:


Processes: Real-time process protection blocks malicious processes and infected files that try to start or run on your system.(Free, Plus, Pro)

Registry: Ad-Watch alerts you when a program tries to make changes to your Registry, giving you the power to block or allow access to that program. (Plus, Pro)

Network: Ad-Watch monitors outgoing network traffic and blocks connections to blacklisted IP addresses and known malicious websites to identify and stop active threats. (Pro)


The Ad-Watch Live! real-time protection screen gives you a simple overview of the Ad-Watch Live! real-time monitor;

It shows if real-time protection is on or off, and allows you to turn each module on or off by simply clicking on the icon.

Note: If the icon is disabled, then the software has not being activated or the feature is not included in the version you have installed.


It also shows you the latest detected processes, accessed registry areas and blocked IP addresses.


Click “Export Detailed Log” to open a text log file which includes the full list of blocked processes, registry areas or blocked IP addresses.


You can manage the rules for each module of Ad-Watch Live! by choosing the sub-menu or by clicking “Edit Rules.”


Ad-Watch Live